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CityU Web Hacker - Butterfly

Our website is the contest site for the "eXtreme Web Designer Award," (also called "CityU Web Hacker" award) at the City University of Hong Kong.

The theme of this year (2006) is Butterfly. It means that the design and content of this page will mainly relates to Butterfly.

To participate the CityU Web Hacker Award, students should provide their works with a balance of design and engineering concepts related to website design and usability. This contest also encourage CityU students to design, create, and analyze websites for usability and accessibility by using the website design principles and best practices.

We are so honored that we are one of the winners of CityU Web Hacker Award in 2006. Thanks to Dr Andy Chun for holding this challenging contest. If any of you would interested in our presentation slide, you may download it from the link belows:

[Our Presentation Slide for the CityU Web Hacker Award 2006]

City University of Hong Kong

Team Members of CityU Web Hacker:

Ko Wing Ting, Waine (50141775) // code name: CITYU HUNTER
Sze Ying Leong, Terence (50698215) // code name: CITYU HACKER
Fong Kin Wai, Alexander (50629098) // code name: CITYU WEB SPIDER

* All of us are students from Department of Computer Studies


This website was created as an entry to CityU's "eXtreme Web Designer Award" contest. The authors of this website agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of this contest as specified in:

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