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eXtreme Web Designer Award

2006 Extreme Web Designer Award

This website is the contest site for the "eXtreme Web Designer Award," (aka "CityU Web Hacker" award) at the City University of Hong Kong.

The objective of this contest is to encourage students to use a balance of well-proven Web engineering principles coupled with good Web design guidelines to produce high quality Websites that follows usability and accessibility best practices.

"CityU Web Hacker" Details


The following are the general rules for the contest:

  1. Good Content
    To participate in this contest, you will need to design at least one page with content and design related to this year's theme. (To join, you might only need to spend a few hours of work.)

  2. Good Web Standards
    All websites must be W3C validated for XHTML and CSS to qualify for this contest.

  3. Good Search Engine Optimization
    At the specified contest end time, the combined top 15 search results from both Google and Yahoo will be considered as the finalist of this contest. The search will be performed using the specified set of keywords.

  4. Good Web Metrics
    From the list of finalists, the SiteScore (excluding Visitor Rating score) will be computed. This score will be combined with a "design and content" score from one or more judges. The "design and content" score is to judge the quality of the overall design and content. The top 10 resulting scores will be the winners.

Judging Panel

The contest judging panel will consist of one or more CityU academic staff members. The decision of the judging panel is final. The judging panel may at their own discretion award less than or more than 10 award winners.

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